Welcome to Baby Led Kitchen! We are a food-loving mum, baby and toddler who follow the principles of Baby Led Weaning.

I come from a background in Education, specialising in Early Years Education. I have experience of working with and studying babies and children aged 6 months to 7 years. There are key principles at the core of Early Years philosophy that have shaped the way that I have worked and how I view Children and Childhood. These principles have become even more important to me since having my children. Babies are unique and learn things at different times and in different ways. Babies need positive relationships with adults in order to learn and try new things. Babies learn through real experiences. Babies should be respected and listened to.


Baby Led Weaning is not a new thing or a fad, but more a philosophy. Feeding another human being is a huge responsibility. How should I know when another human is hungry? How should I know what somebody does and does not like to eat? How should I know how much another person wants to eat? Baby Led Weaning lets the BABY decide. Weaning can be a confusing place. It can be hard to know where to start. I know I was bombarded with so many conflicting messages about when/what/how to wean my baby. BLW says start with the baby; let them take the reigns.

Baby Led Kitchen was born out of a love of babies and also food. I grew up in the kitchen and I have always cooked for fun. Cooking for my family makes me happy (even when it is chucked overboard!). However, everyone knows that we are all busy, and that life with a baby is unpredictable. We do not have hours on end to spend in the kitchen. I have spent nap time after nap time developing a range of recipes that are healthy, easy to eat, quick to prepare and generally pretty cheap to make.

Baby Led Kitchen is a place for me to share these baby-tested recipes with other parents who might find them useful. We hope your family likes them too.

Happy Eating,

Jo, Nina and Heidi

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